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How it works

The #1 reason we created DigiVaxDoc is privacy.

To ensure you own the only copy of your vaccine card, we remove all uploaded images from our servers and erase them for good


When the idea of Vaccine Passports emerged, other technology companies were quick to ask for personal information to verify vaccine records even though there has been no federal guidance on how or where verified vaccine records will be needed. 

Until there is more guidance, we believe personal data should be private. Across the country, places of business accept a picture of a vaccination card as proof of vaccination.

That is why DigiVaxDoc makes it easy to pull up an image of your vaccine card. 

CDC issued vaccine card.png

How do we protect your data?

Take a Photo of your Vaccine Card

DigiVaxDoc Video Demo - Version 3.gif
DigiVaxDoc desktop .png

Upload it to DigiVaxDoc

Save DigiVaxDoc to your phone

Where people are using DigiVaxDoc

"I visited friends in Chicago and forgot my CDC issued card one night. Luckily I had DigiVaxDoc so I could still get into the bars and restaurants."

Bradley from Rhode Island

Bars and Restaurants 

IMG_1763 (1).png

Leave the paper at home; bring DigiVaxDoc instead. 

  • Own the only copy and control your data

  • Save your vaccine card onto the home screen of your phone for easy access

  • Perfect for bars and restaurants requiring proof of vaccination



Guidance for vaccine passports is constantly changing and we recommend checking with the local officials to best understand what is required for that city, town, or state. 

If traveling, bring your CDC issued card as we do not guarantee every agency will accept a digital image, like DigiVaxDoc. 

Please read our full terms and conditions and privacy policy before purchasing. 

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