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Who is Aerogami?

Aerogami is a mobile development company that specializes in distributing duty of care services for the insurance, travel, and health sectors. Their products create a mobile gateway to customers' products, services, and support channels. Aerogami's solutions are unique because they are not app-based, despite operating on any mobile device. This makes their solutions more accessible and easier to use, leading to higher engagement with any audience.

We are made of a group of passionate technologists who are hooked on the idea that technology does not have to be invasive to be mobile friendly.  For the past decade, most technology development has been built with the philosophy the more data we capture, the more valuable the product. Soon this became a critical function of any mobile product and started to effect people's trust in technology while also dragging down engagement rates with mobile apps. 

We felt we could do better. Our development philosophy is two fold: privacy and usability. By focusing on building ethical solutions that users will feel comfortable with helps our partners deliver their services through a mobile phone without compromises. In most cases we can also provide these service at a fraction of the cost of a traditional mobile app. Our solutions offer a better mobile experience for users and a more trusted method of delivering information or services for our partners.

There is not much choice in the mobile technology landscape for our organizations to engage with their audiences. It's either build a complex mobile application (which they might not need) or develop a mobile friendly website. What if there was something in the middle? A pathway that still delivers value and convenience, without the drawbacks. That's what we're working towards.


Between our team and the advisors that guide us, we have decades of experience in technology. We've never been more hopeful for the future and the technology that can help us get there.

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