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Troubleshooting DigiVaxDoc

Common troubleshooting issues:

On iPhones: I can’t find a way to save the DigiVaxDoc to my home-screen
You may have a hard time saving your DigiVaxDoc to your home-screen if you have opened the doc in a browser other than Safari. For example, Chrome does not let you save a web document, such as DigiVaxDoc, to your home-screen. So, please open your DigiVaxDoc in Safari. You can do so by copying the URL of your DigiVaxDoc and pasting it into a new Safari browser window.

On Androids: I can’t add the DigiVaxDoc to my home-screen
Androids must ensure their device allows for apps to be added to the home-screen. You can do this by going to the Settings, xyz 

The DigiVaxDoc says “this document has expired” on my web browser
This means that the document was wiped from our system as a safety precaution, meaning it can no longer be accessed unless previously saved to your smartphone. If you are seeing this message, this means you’ll need to re-create your DigiVaxDoc. Reach out to us at to get started again.

Any other problems?
Reach out to us at and we’ll assist you ASAP.

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